February 1, 2021

Kim & Jame’s Wedding Day at Hart’s Hotel, Nottingham

What sort of a wedding gift could I offer my cousin James but to capture his fabulous wedding day.

Driving down to Nottingham this morning for Kim and James’s wedding and to the Hart’s Hotel. Shooting at a new venue definitely gets me excited with all the creative potential and all the beautiful little spots of light that I might find to create loads of amazing images.

I arrived bright and early at James’s house to capture a slice of the days preparations from the grooms perspective. Everything was pretty relaxed and his three boys all looked very smart and were just watching their cartoons before putting on their converse all stars to set off to the venue. A quick drive through Nottingham and within no time I was at the hotel up to the second floor and ready to meet Kim and all her bridesmaids to capture their preparations. I’d only met Kim a couple of times prior but quickly realized just how chilled she is even on the morning of her wedding day. If she was nervous she certainly wasn’t showing it. What was clear to see was how close her and her bridesmaids are and what amazing friends they all were. All the girls looked great and were all helping each other with earrings, necklaces and soooo much hair spray!  Some fantastic moments as well especially when all the bridesmaids saw Kim in her dress for the first time which was lovely to photograph.

As soon as Kim had walked down the aisle to stand next to her husband the happiness was plain to see. When it was time to kiss the bride I thought we were going to have to crowbar them apart!

The whole day went so so quickly and was ended with loads of dancing lots more celebrations and a very brave little boy singing a song over the microphone all by himself in front of a room full of people for his dad’s wedding day…priceless!

A huge congratulations to you both.

Much love Ben.

"How can we ever thank you!....such great photographs we'll treasure forever"
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