February 1, 2021

SH Structures Commercial Headshots

SH Structures Ltd are an interesting steel fabrication company. Interesting due the projects they are involved in and produce. They are always far from straight forward and are always very creative with cutting edge design. Just have a look at their portfolio online and there’s all sorts of amazing structures from bridges, sports centres to museums and stadiums.

They are currently updating and redesigning their website so through a recommendation from their website designer contacted me regarding some commercial photography in York and head shots of their management team.

The best place to photograph their team had to be at their factory in Sherburn in Elmet, a short distance from Leeds. I’ve taken plenty of profile photographs in the studio for companies but with the type of business they are involved in and what this could offer photographically and for their convenience, on location was the best choice.

The factory was a large tungsten lit area with loads going on, people welding and creating these large tubular structures ready for shipping out all over the country and for a variety of different jobs. The noise produced by all this activity was quite considerable and it wasn’t until break time that it went quiet and we could all hear what the other was saying. During this time we had a couple of different set ups which included some of the steel structures in the background followed by some close up head shots, naturally lit by the large entrance to the factory. The whole session took little over an hour and provided us with loads of nice images.

The new website sounds like it’s going to be a really great site and I can’t wait to check it out and see the new images on there.

Thanks to Tim and the team and I look forward to future projects!

"A fantastic addition to our new website thank you so much"
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