What a hot summer of weddings!

September 11, 2022

Wowzer! What a great summer of weddings and some super scorching days as well.

This summer has seen me up and down the country shooting weddings this year. From the south coast to more familiar settings in and around Yorkshire.

One wedding saw me rack up over 600 miles! Totally worth it of cause but wow that was some drive.

This years also seen some unique ideas from my bride and grooms to add a little variety to their day. Such as some first looks with just the bride and groom. Also, some first looks with a twist which I might be able to elaborate on at some point…watch this space.

With the weather definitely feeling like it’s turning cooler and the summer feeling like it’s come to an end (unless we get some freakish Indian summer like a few years ago). With the days getting shorter means a slight change to the approach regarding wedding photography but also opens lots of cool night time shots!

It’s time to get those flash guns charged and get creative!

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