Reviews…We need them!

July 3, 2022

Having been in the photography business for quite some time now, I have never mentioned just how important reviews are for a business.

I think as photographers especially as wedding photographers, when you really are pouring everything you have into that one very special day, we’re trying to do the best job we possibly can for our clients.

The main priority is to wow your clients with amazing images and give them a great customer experience and compliment their wedding day.

When you’re putting so much of yourself into the job you’re doing then the best reward is the feedback you get. What’s even more amazing is if that feed back is in the form of a review online. Especially a Google review!

I love getting a text message from a client telling me how pleased they are but when someone has spent the time to log on and put a review together and post it to your site then this has such a huge positive impact on your business! Huge.

I could go into the practical effects like the fact they improve visibility and local SEO search’s which of cause drive traffic towards your business.

Also, the fact that online customer reviews create trust with future clients. They’re telling people how you are, what you’re like, if they’ll enjoy your company and be able to have you spend a whole day with them on their wedding day photographing them. This stuff matters.

So, for any clients out there thinking about writing a review, please do and help spread the love!

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