February 1, 2021

Megan & Nick’s Wedding Day at The Old Lodge, Malton

It always amazes me just how quickly the time passes from meeting couples for the first time to the wedding day itself. I met Megan and Sharon for the first time about 10 months before the wedding date at the chosen venue, The Old Lodge Malton. It was Sharon, Megan’s mother in law to be that had found me and whom I’d been corresponding with before hand which I thought was a stroke of genius delegating the responsibility. It’s always usually the bride that contacts me and very occasionally the groom so this was definitely a first. They were both so nice that instantly we were all relaxed and chatting about the big day and how the plans were going and what they were looking for regarding the photography. The Old Lodge in Malton is one of those places that is just perfect for wedding photography. It has the feel of an old English castle about it with it’s dark oak panels and arched doorways. If it had a moat around it it wouldn’t look out of place, I might have to suggest this to the management! The venue has lovely big grounds and this is it’s real selling point. We had a walk around together and discussed various options for shots. It has everything you could want, loads of lovely big trees perfectly in line down one end and an outdoor marquee licensed for ceremonies outside, which was what they wanted to do.

On arriving bright and early on the day itself there were a few spots of rain so we had to move the wedding indoors. Not a problem for such a great venue with a lovely intimate room available with balcony for guests to over look proceedings. The groomsmen were relaxing in the bar taking it easy and looking very smart indeed. After a few photographs with the guys it was up to the girls to see how things were going in the bridal suite. Very calm and relaxed and enjoying the pampering from the hair and make up girls accompanied by a few glasses of bubbly.

The guests had taken their seats and the registrars were having their final words with the groom and the ceremony was about to begin. As always I made sure I had the best position in the room to capture all the action. I think it’s always fun to not only capture everything the bride and groom are doing through out the ceremony but to also capture what everybody else is doing. All the emotion from the friends and family are priceless especially from bridesmaids and mums and dads. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen grown men cry at such an occasion! When Megan walked down the aisle she looked incredible and was smiling from ear to ear which didn’t change through out the ceremony. Both of them looked so happy together.

We were able to get some really lovely bride and groom photographs before the formal group shots as well as later on after the wedding breakfast. Between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast you’re always watching the clock a little bit as there is a set amount of time available but after the wedding breakfast is always a lot more relaxed and gave us time to walk around and really go to town exploring all the wonderful gardens had to offer. I was really pleased with so many of the couple shots which look great in colour and black and white. Colour because of all the lush greens and black and white because of the great textures and tonal ranges with the shadows and highlights. With a lovely soft light coming in through the trees and a gorgeous happy couple I had to hold myself back otherwise they’ll be too much choice!

An amazing day that passed too quickly and a fab couple whom deserve an extra congratulations on their forth coming baby as well so an amazing future to look forward to!

"Thank you so much for the wedding photos, they look amazing!"
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