February 1, 2021

Lucie and Joe’s Wedding Day at Tickton Grange

A lovely colourful autumnal wedding day spent at the beautiful Tickton Grange just outside the town of Beverley.

Arriving this morning at the stunning Tickton Grange to capture Lucie and Joe’s wedding and it’s a little damp over head but when has this ever stopped us having a good time. It was all going on in one of the very cosy Granary rooms at Tickton Grange where the girls were all getting ready and eating and drinking and chilling out all excited for the day ahead.

Lucie was sat in the lovely bright conservative part of the room being attended to by hair and make up and looked beautiful even well before she’d finished. I’m afraid the only lady to upstage Lucie though was her gorgeous little girl Lara and she was getting plenty of cuddles from everyone and looked super cute in her little baby pink dress.

Then it was time for a little man time and over to the boys to meet Joe the Groom and his brothers and the main man Jake, Joe’s 4 year old son. The guys were chilling out and enjoying a quick beer before the ceremony. The back of the hotel had a great little covered walkway which worked perfectly for shots of the lads and later the group shots as it allowed us to get outside but kept everyone nice and dry (by the way thanks to the nice fella with the umbrella on the day that kept my camera and I nice and dry!).

After the group shots we had the opportunity to have a walk around the hotel and explore the exquisitely kept rooms for some nice relaxed couple shots. We even managed a quick trip up to the bridal suite where they would be staying for some photographs around the impressive four poster bed and large windows overlooking the grounds.

A pleasure to be part of and as always the best weddings to be part of always go so quickly!

Congratulations guys and best wishes.

Ben x

″Ben has been exceptional. He captured our day perfectly even down to the little things that mean so much to us″
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