February 1, 2021

Kathryn and Paul’s Wedding at Rudding Park in Harrogate

Every now and again I get the chance to shoot a wedding where I’ve known the couple previously. I was very lucky that this was one of those occasions.

What a lovely surprise to get a call from someone I used to go to school with. Paul, the groom was in the year above me in high school and his brother was in the year below me, so we were always around each other in the playground playing football and so on.

On the day of Kathryn and Paul’s wedding it was so good to see so many familiar faces and catch up with everyone it really was such a good day.

Preparations took place at their family home and all the girls were already looking great and celebrating with a few glasses of the bubbly stuff. There was a lovely moment where all the girls gathered around in the kitchen and Kathryn was presented with a surprise gift from Paul which was a stunning Tag Heuer watch. Paul definitely showing us guys how romance should be done.

The ceremony took place in a beautiful small old church in Bardsey just outside Wetherby. At the entrance to the church you were greeted by a large garden of over looking trees which the sunlight filtered through. All the guests were greeted by the lovely tones of a friendly bagpipe player adding an ambience to the moments before the ceremony began.

After the ceremony it was time to move onto Rudding Park in Harrogate which was our venue for the remainder of the day. And what a spectacular venue this is. Very special indeed, large open grounds, lots of trees and a stunning golf course. Our groom Paul is very familiar with Rudding Park especially being a keen golfer and from what I hear a pretty good one at that. Naturally the choice of venue had nothing to do with this being the case, although I think he had to hold himself back on the odd occasion from running onto the fairway with a bag of clubs.

One of the best locations for photographs during the day was the little allotment attached to the hotel. This had loads of interesting overhanging vines, plants and flowers that provided some incredible smells. More importantly it was perfect for a little family photo session with Kathryn and Paul and their two kids. Within 20 minutes we had lots of great images to add to their photography collection and it was time to head back for the wedding breakfast and speeches.

Later on after the meal lots of guests had gathered outside for a little fresh air and a drink and a chat. I was having a little wander just catching a few little candid moments going on outside when from on the horizon came a golf buggy whizzing down the path. This thing had been accosted by the bestman and ushers and they were stood on the back of it coming hurtling towards us like Valkyrie, I swear it just needed the music, it was so funny.

With the evening in full swing and loads of great images to take home and start work on it was time to say goodnight and sign off on another truly wonderful wedding.

Congratulations to you both.

Best wishes Ben x

"They're all lovely, Thank you we really are very pleased with them all".
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