February 1, 2021

Jodie and John Wedding Photography at the K P Club in Pocklington

The wonderful KP club was the venue for Jodie and John’s superb wedding day.

I’d met them a few weeks before at their lovely home to chat about the day and the timings. What struck me very quickly was just how close they were and in tune with each other and how lovely they were together as a couple. Their wedding day was exactly the same. Straight after the ‘you may kiss the bride’ moment, Jodie was wiping John’s face, quite thoroughly it has to be said to make sure it was free of any lipstick marks. I didn’t see John complaining though he was as happy as Larry to have such a beautiful bride stood by his side.

It was scheduled to be a wet day and it certainly turned out that way. What tends to happen though is that this opens up other avenues and possibilities photographically. With outside photography not possible you really start to explore the interior of a venue and what will work in creating interesting images.

Luckily the KP club had some lovely light open spaces indoors. Lots of window light and little details such as fairy lights and ‘Mr and Mrs’ light displays that can give you loads of possibilities for couple shots and generally.

The main room where the ceremony took place was quickly turned around for us for the family shots. The staff were all fantastic and within no time the room was clear of chairs. With two huge windows either side of us it was like shooting in a studio with all that natural light flooding in.

With John owning and running the family butchers in Brayton it was only right that the wedding cake was a pork pie extravaganza! Their was an actual wedding cake as well but it was the pork pie one that stole the show. It looked delicious and I was lucky enough to try a bit and I have to say it tasted even better than it looked.

With a great day coming to a close it was time to end the night with a spectacular firework display. Everyone came outside to watch the display and it was an amazing and perfect way to end the evening.

Congratulations to Jodie and John and I wish you all the best in the future.

Ben x

 "Better than we could of ever hoped for!".
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