February 1, 2021

Helen & Barrie’s Wedding Day at the The Hospitium York

Walking to the Hospitium in York this morning and the rowers are on the river and there’s an exhibition along the river of local artists work. A lovely way to start the day and a lovely day for a wedding.

Guests had started to arrive at the venue and Barrie was chilling out the front of the Hospitium greeting guests and making the finishing touches to his rather dapper suit accompanied by best friend and chief bridesmaid Cate. The kids were in mischievous mood and the reason why I love photographing kids having fun and throwing some shapes for the camera.

And then it was time. With everyone seated and all the guests quiet Helen was walked down the aisle by her dad looking really proud and incredibly happy for them both.

The whole day just had a really relaxed feel to it and I really liked that. A really friendly group of people and very welcoming and time just flew. Another fantastic looking wedding breakfast later and it was onto the speeches.

Later on there was a bit of time to have a look around the gardens and pay a visit down to the riverside for some lovely relaxed photographs of the happy couple. The daylight was drawing to an end but there was still time for a few splashes of sunshine which looked superb by the water and even better up at St Mary’s Abbey. It’s always a good time later in the day in the gardens as the general public have all gone home and the wedding party have the place exclusively to themselves which always makes it feel extra special.

Now it was time for some booty shaking and an excellent evening with some live music, cake cutting and dancing all night long!

Thanks for an amazing day guys a real pleasure to capture for you both and congratulations.

Ben x


"We have finally chose the lovely photos for the album but we probably have far too many!"
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