February 1, 2021

AirBnB Property Photography York

I was contacted by Aldo and his partner as they were dissatisfied with their AirBnB pictures and felt that they just didn’t do their stunning property justice.

With such an amazing property on offer there was no reason why they shouldn’t be booked up year round and it was my job to help them achieve this.

I arrived at 9:30am on a glorious sunny day which was perfect for showing off this light and airy home. All I needed was a couple of hours to achieve fantastic images of the entire house. Starting from the outside I slowly worked my way through all the rooms and bathrooms. I begin with lots of wide shots to get the whole room in the shot and then go in tighter to show off all the special little details a room has to offer. The combination of images really allows the viewer to explore their potential holiday home and see how great it would be to stay.

Aldo was such a nice chap showing me round and to talk to I really hope…..in fact I know these images will have a huge impact on the success of his property.

Please contact me now to discuss your requirements.

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