Not long now!!! My first weddings of the year are on the horizon!

April 27, 2021

So, how does the law change and when does it change again in accordance to the governments roadmap.

Step 3  – no earlier than 17 May.

Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies are permitted for up to 30 people in COVID-19 Secure venues that are permitted to open.

Receptions can also proceed with up to 30 people in a COVID-19 Secure indoor venue, or outdoors. This includes private gardens.

What are the likely numbers that will be allowed for weddings?

Currently, England is in step 2 of the government’s four steps to easing England’s lockdown. But after 17th May there is another relaxing of the rules.

So, wedding ceremonies of up to 30 people in all circumstances are now allowed. Anyone working is not included in these numbers. An outdoor reception of 30 people following the event is now permitted.

The Prime Minister has outlined the government’s roadmap for moving out of the national lockdown in England. The roadmap for England consists of four different steps, with each step only to be introduced if it meets certain requirements based on the data. From 12th April, the number of people able to attend weddings has risen to 15. Then, from 17th May, up to 30 people will be able to attend weddings. Finally, from 21st June, it is hoped that all restrictions on the number of people attending a wedding will be lifted.

What’s the best way to reduce our guest list?

You will have spent a long time working out who to invite and everyone is on your guest list for a good reason. So, it is not easy to think about how to reduce the guest list now, especially if you have already sent out invitations.

Remember that everyone you invited cares about you and won’t want you to be worrying unnecessarily. You have shown them how much you care by inviting them in the first place. They will understand the regulations and that you have had to reduce your numbers but will know how much you wanted them to be there.

Start by contacting guests who are overseas, vulnerable or shielding. Also, it is totally acceptable to ask families with small children to leave their children at home if they can. Once you have reduced the list as much as you can, sit down with each other to discuss who really needs to be there, just as you did to put together your original list.

How can we involve our uninvited wedding guests?

Think of ways that you can involve the guests that should have been there on the day, whether they can’t attend due to travel or shielding, or had to be removed from the guest list. Attending events remotely will be a common occurrence for the beginning of 2021.

  • Invite them to watch a live stream.
  • Share your order of service with them.
  • Let them know the menu so they can cook and eat the same meal from home.
  • Order slices of cake or cupcakes to send your uninvited guests a treat to arrive on the wedding day.
  • Have a professional photographer (obviously!) and if possible a professional videographer there on the day to share the moments with missing guests afterward.

A wedding is about two people. It is great you’ll be able to have others there to celebrate with you, but don’t let worries over who can’t be there spoil the day for either of you.

Best wishes and hope to see you soon!




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