Network Rail Health and Safety Commercial shoot

May 9, 2023

Well, what a lovely sunny day to be shooting outside for Network Rail, Agh and Rothwell Group.

The brief today was to photograph a safety briefing for the three companies to be used as marketing and promotional material.

It was an early start and a chilly morning out in Harrogate.

The shoot was at the depot located just behind the bus station in Harrogate. I must of driven past the ramp leading to this a million times but I’ve never noticed it before. But, it is definitely there.

After everyone was in full PPE the briefing began and luckily we were able to do it outside and capture some nice images from different angles and looking for creative compositions. After the briefing we had a little walk over to the signal box and the group were able to share some technical information.

I think everyone found the day really beneficial and I can see it being repeated in the future.

The collection of images look fantastic and are going to look incredibly eye catching where ever they are used.

Looking forward to working with you all again soon!

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