My Top Ten Summer Wedding Tips for a perfect wedding day!!

July 18, 2023

At the moment, here in the UK, we are experiencing a period of what can only be described as “Summer Weather”… long, hot, sunny days, beautiful blue skies and it’s light ’til nearly 10pm! A summer wedding sounds idyllic and I’d like to suggest my Top Ten tips on how to get the best from your day. Having photographed many weddings during the summer months, I have a tonne of experience in what really helps the day run smoothly and helps everyone enjoy it. I’d like to share some of that with you.

  1. Plan. Have a plan and make sure the people running your day know it. A lot of venues offer wedding planners which are invaluable. They organise everything so you don’t have to!
  2. Hydration. Remember to drink frequently throughout the day. You’re going to be so busy throughout the day and it’s easy to forget to drink enough. Also, make sure there is a plentiful supply of water for your guests.
  3. Sunscreen. Provide plenty of sunscreen. This is especially important in summer weddings where a ceremony may be outdoors in direct sun. You also don’t want wedding photos where everyone is bright red! Sun brollies are a great idea and can be used to great effect in wedding photos. Sunburn can quickly ruin your perfect day. Make sure there’s a designated area and supply for guests to re-apply during the day.
  4. Timing. Your guests love having an idea of what to expect when they arrive at your wedding. Have an itinerary ready that outlines some of the major events, such as the ceremony start time and any other activities you would like them to participate in.
  5. Outside. Make use of the great weather and the outdoors. perhaps have lawn games and activities that guests can enjoy during the drinks reception.
  6. Photographer. Plan with me before the wedding day a few different scenarios of weather. If it is a beautiful day, chances are that the venue you have booked for your wedding will have some lovely outdoor areas that I can make the most of for some amazing wedding photos.
  7. Disco. Don’t forget it’s likely to be light until quite late and there’s a bit of a strange thing I’ve noticed over the years: people don’t tend to like dancing in bright light! This is especially noticeable in marquees, but marquee companies do offer “blackout” type linings to help make an area darker. You may also find, if it’s particularly hot, that people don’t really want to dance until much later. You can’t force guests to dance, but you could ask the DJ to play more relaxed Balearic summery tunes as more of a background / chilled vibe to create a more relaxed evening, before pumping out the tunes as the evening cools.
  8. Aircon. Something to consider when booking a venue for a summer wedding. Aircon is going to give you more “scope” as you can create the environment for your guests.
  9. You. One of the things that becomes even more apparent at summer weddings is a strange wedding phenomenon – The guests will gradually congregate wherever you are. I’ve noticed that if you watch the guests at a wedding, they tend to gradually, slowly but surely start to amass wherever the Bride and Groom are (more the Bride if she separates off from the Groom). When you think about it, it’s obvious – your guests have come to your wedding to be with you and to celebrate your special day with you. If you spend a large part of the day at the bar – that’s where your guests will congregate. Just bear it in mind and think about it during the day and especially in the evening. You are where the party’s at!
  10. Plan B. Remember this is the UK and just because it’s forecast to be sunny, doesn’t mean it won’t rain, hail or even snow! Don’t put all your “eggs in one basket” and plan for your day to be outside. If you have a Plan B you probably won’t need it, but at least you’ll be prepared, just in case.

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