2022 booking up fast!

February 17, 2022

Exciting times are ahead and a great 2022 for wedding photography approaching!

Is it too late to book a wedding in 2022?

In short, no it isn’t, but It totally depends on what your ideal wedding looks like and where, but I’d say that if you were hoping for a summer Saturday in 2022, you may find availability not in your favour with popular, traditional wedding venues.

However, if you’re willing to compromise and push the boundaries of ‘the norm’, go for a weekday, colder months or lower your headcount to fit into a more unusual ‘non-wedding venue’ venue then you could be good for 2022! It all comes down to your must-haves, where you’re willing to adjust your ideas and how badly you want to get married this year.

What can brides do if they can’t get their first choice suppliers on the date they have booked?

Don’t panic! There are some amazing suppliers out there who will still be available. Ask for recommendations from your first choices, they may be able to help and suggest someone amazing you wouldn’t perhaps find yourself on a Google search. Best thing to do is be open to options, and don’t leave people hanging too long after enquiring as things are moving quickly.

Although 2022 is booking up fast I still have dates available.

Please contact me as soon as possible to discuss your big day!

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